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Our Services

Our Propery Management Services include securing the Property and Maintaining Asset Vaulue

  • Assisting the property manager with all financial and operational aspects of the property.
  • Budget Creation in order to pursue all collection/financial objectives annually.
  • Settling utility bills and invoices from service providers within an agreed standard period of time in accordance with budget guidelines
  • Providing updates about the physical condition of the property, advising on any renovations and maintenance required and make all financial arrangements to address maintenance items as identified.
  • Overseeing the maintenance of common areas by contracting relevant services and supervising the execution of the same.
  • Securing the property by contracting and/or maintaining security service provider contract; installing and maintaining security devices and infrastructure; establishing and enforcing precautionary policies and procedures; responding to emergencies.
  • Working in conjunction with the property manager on enforcing occupancy policies as stated in the lease agreement and initiating contact with violators and engaging legal services on behalf of the owner to address evictions.
  • Providing delinquency reports for circulation on a monthly basis or another period as agreed.
  • Responsible for preparing financial reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing data and trends in hard and soft copy formats, utilizing Resman software.
  • Ensuring soft and hard copy backup and securing of all important records and documents related to the office of the property manager.
  • Planning of all maintenance and repair works with vendors and ensuring that the property at all times is being managed efficiently.
  • The unit will become available for lease once the unit is considered on notice to vacate and in compliance with the lease agreement.
  • Marketing efforts will be determined by budget restrictions
  • Negotiate with vendors, suppliers, and maintenance on behalf of the client and in compliance with budget guidelines and set objectives